Staff from the University of Hull will be running a field trip to the Yorkshire coastline on the 6th of Jan 2020

This field trip will take in the geological features of the Yorkshire coastline from Fraisthorp to Flamborough. The trip members will get to see beautiful examples of glaciotectonics showing thrusting, folding and piggybacking in tills and lacustrine sediments. The delegates will then be taken so see the spectacularly deformed chalks of the Flamborogh Head Fault zone – a little bit of the Alps in England.

Faulted lacustrine sediments with recent faulting
Thrust packages within the basal till (overlain by lacustrine seds)
Thrust fault at Flamborough
One of the many mineralised breccias at Flamborough
tilting and brecciation of the chalks
Folded chalk within the fault zone